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For those accustomed to thinking of diets as deprivation, former gymnast and doctor Melissa Hershberg has developed a food plan that breaks all the cardinal rules of dieting. Offering medical insight on why common diet myths don't work, she presents dozens of rule-breaking "Try-it" action plans that let you enjoy the foods you love, while improving your health and shedding pounds. If you''re a restaurant-hopper, a dessert lover, or someone who eats on the go, she tells you how to lose weight while making food work for you. A program tailored for real people living in the real world, The Rebel Diet reveals how to lose weight, improve your nutrition, energy and health-without following the standard diet rubric.

"Many of us struggle to get into our favourite jeans. But there's no need to banish that slice of chocolate cake from your fridge. Adopting Dr. Melissa Hershberg's mantra of "Eat. Cheat. Defeat" may help you shed those unwanted pounds." - Reader's Digest

"Hershberg may be a doctor, but she’s also one cool chick. She’s laugh-out-loud funny, self-depracating, drops the F bomb more times than I’ve seen in a published book in a while and gives you simple, easy-to-follow tips to drop the weight.

"The Rebel is a book that sounds like it was written by a cool friend who happens to know a few more things about nutrition than you might. It’s low key, non-judgemental, a fun read, full of helpful tips to win the battle of the bulge and shamelessly geared towards our inner rebel. Hey, we’ve all got one, right?

"If you’re looking for a diet book that won’t bore you to tears, Hershberg just might be your girl." - The Monitor

"WOMEN - it’s time to rebel against the diet! Melissa Hershberg’s new book The Rebel Diet is a hilarious read that offers up grounded common sense that we can all apply to our routine without being ridiculous. Beyond debunking diet myths in plain language, Hershberg provides a very clear understanding of all that is ‘bad’ through frank humour. She breaks the rules so that you can eat a DQ Oreo Blizzard and get away with it."

"Fun facts and cool tricks pop up on every page of the Rebel Diet:

"- If you are hungry when sitting down at a restaurant – do NOT dive into the bread basket, instead order a Virgin Bloody Mary.

"- Did you know that coffee is the number one source of antioxidants in a North American diet?

"Mix the tips with the shopping lists and then check out the terrific variety of meal ideas on offer – she even compares our usual go-to’s with extraordinary meals that offer way more taste but cut out the calories." -





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The Hershberg Diet

The Hershberg Diet

The Hershberg Diet is based on scientific and mathematical principles. It's not a fad meal plan -- it's a dietary approach that makes sense. It's safe, healthy, enjoyable and sustainable for the long term. Best of all, you'll notice changes and results within just one week of being on the plan.

"It's great to see weight-loss put in a health context, that losing weight is about beating the metabolic syndrome, beating diabetes, beating heart disease.  The book is very easy to read and all of the science is sound.  This is a very logical plan.  If somebody is willing to follow this play, they will lose weight." - The Toronto Star

"In a market flooded with piles of diet books urging people to eat low-fat and high-carb, low carb and high-protein, high-fat and no-carb - or some combination of the above - Hershberg's angle is unusually simple.  Her concepts are easy to understand, including the idea that people should eat more 'hottie' items - thermogenic foods that naturally burn a few calories when metabolized." - The Winnipeg Free Press

"Bottom line: Fighting fat with water is healthy, effective, and proven to work on even the most stubborn of all trouble spots.  As for the Woman's World readers who tested the menus, they melted off up to nine pounds and 2 1/2 inches of belly fat in just seven days!" - Woman's World


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