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Dr. Melissa Hershberg

Dr. Melissa Hershberg, MD CCFP is a medical physician, author of two diet books – The Hershberg Diet and The Rebel Diet, and the founder of U Health Clinic, a preventive health and weight loss clinic in midtown Toronto. Since graduating from the University of Toronto Family Medicine program in 2006, Dr.Melissa has enjoyed practicing in both preventive and urgent health care facilities and has helped countless patients improve their health through her combined knowledge of medicine, fitness and nutrition.

As a former national gymnast and competitive fitness champion, Dr.Melissa knows firsthand the benefits of a healthy diet and regular exercise for the prevention of disease and promotion of optimal health. Her experiences in competitive athletics coupled with her training in science and medicine have afforded her with a unique and highly respected knowledge base. She is a freelance writer having contributed medical consultation and health and wellness articles to many well-known publications across North America such as Chatelaine, Flare, and Glow. She is a dynamic public speaker and appears regularly on The Marilyn Denis Show as a resident health expert.
Through her books, medical practice, articles and speaking, Dr.Melissa hopes to inspire people to make positive lifestyle changes.

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