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Dr. Melissa Hershberg

Dr. Melissa Hershberg, MD is a medical physician, best-selling author, and weight loss consultant actively practicing in Toronto, Canada. She has enjoyed practicing in both preventive health care and urgent health care facilities over the years and has helped countless patients improve their health through her combined knowledge of medicine, fitness and nutrition.

Dr. Hershberg's interest in science, health and weight-management are longstanding. By the completion of her medical residency, Dr. Hershberg discovered an innovative and thought provoking approach to teaching patients how to eat for weight loss and health; an approach specifically designed to help patients lose weight quickly while lowering their blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar. She then transformed this approach into her bestselling book: The Hershberg Diet: Discover How The 4th Macro Will Help You Shed Pounds and Beat The Metabolic Syndrome.

Dr. Hershberg’s second book, The Rebel Diet: Break the Rules, Lose the Weight, was released as a follow up to her first book. The book was written with a friendly, light-hearted tone reflective of her laid back style and relatable personality. The book is user-friendly and practical with many product, grocery, and recipe suggestions.

Dr. Hershberg's experiences in competitive athletics coupled with her training in science and medicine have afforded her with a unique and highly respected knowledge base. She is recognized nationally as a health and weight loss expert and appears regularly on television to discuss a wide variety of health and weight loss topics. Through her books, medical practice, public speaking, and television appearances, she has helped thousands of people make positive lifestyle changes.

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